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Labor Law Quiz

Answer the following statements with TRUE or FALSE:

  1. It is lawful for a company to discipline a worker for soliciting union cards in a work area during non-work time.
  2. Workers can lawfully distribute union literature during non-work time in non-work areas.
  3. It is unlawful for an employer to create the impression that he is spying on union meetings.
  4. Undocumented workers are covered by the protections of the National Labor Relations Act.
  5. An employer can fire a supervisor for making pro-union statements.
  6. A person is considered to be a "supervisor" under the National Labor Relations Act if he or she has a supervisory title and is paid more than the unit employees.
  7. It is against the law for the employer to take away benefits in retaliation against workers for organizing.
  8. If workers are engaged in an “unfair labor practice strike," they cannot be permanently replaced.
  9. To win a NLRB election, the union must get 60% of the votes cast.
  10. Either side can file objections to an election within seven days of the vote.

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